Shringi Kumari – ‘Prana’

23/05/24 till 05/06/24

“Exploring relationships of mind, self and nature using Prana-Sutra (thread of breath) in abstract Madhubani paintings.

I use line drawings and cultural symbolism inspired by Madhubani paintings from Bihar, India in combination with Kriya Yoga philosophies of union. My work is an invitation to pull, peer through and unlayer patterns- to keep looking beyond and challenge the fabric of oneness.”

Max Oliver

23/02/24 till 28/02/24

The first solo show of the incredibly talented oil painter, Max Oliver. Salon is proud to be showing a collection of the artists ethereal observations of Margate’s coastline and the town where he resides.

Salon Superstore – Pop-up Art Shop

Throughout December

In the build up to Christmas, Salon will be turning into a pop-up art gift store, selling originals, prints, ceramics, cards and more. Featuring the artists that have been showing at the gallery over the last 6 months, as well as renowned artists from Thanet and beyond.