7th Jul – 27th July 2023

A multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring 15 artists exploring periods of change, states of flux and re-incarnation.


Transitions – fluid and fierce, blur boundaries and reveal uncertainty.
Transitions may be disruptive, unsettling.
They require surrender and demand impermanence.

However it is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive — as change is also metamorphosis – it’s healing, it’s where we evolve, and how societies shift, and life unfolds.


Grand Opening: Friday 7th July 2023. 5pm – late.
101a Northdown Road, Margate, CT9 2QY



Adam Bartlett – @tigersoftheuniverse
Naomi Boal – @naomiomia
Henry Collins – @henryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Emma Falconer – @emmafalconerart
Sam Giles – @dream_safari
Tim Gomersall – @cobraflex
Tomas Jefanovas – @tomasjef
Yeon Sung Lee – @yeonslee
Catherine Magnani – @catherinemagnani
Tobias Ross – @tobias.ross
Vicki Salmi – @vickisalmi
Allan Stevenson – @allanstevenson73
Marvin Watkins
Mercedes Workman – @mercedesworkmanartist