Glimmer – Anastasia Tory Tyranova-Romanchuk

20/07/23 till 04/09/23

‘Glimmer’, a collection by Ukrainian surrealist Anastasia Tory Tyranova-Romanchuk, currently taking refuge amidst the shores of Thanet. Her beautiful and haunting ceramic and paint based works express inner thoughts and emotions that can’t be put into words.

Often grandiose in size and weight, their profoundly emotive imagery refuses to be overlooked, inviting the viewer to explore their own interpretations and inner responses.

Anastasia will be occupying the space during the duration of the residency creating an evolving site-specific body of work. Regular visits are recommended to fully witness the artists process first hand.

“Most of my works hold the idea of life’s duality – safety/danger, love/hatred, strength/weakness, stability/chaos etc. But despite all the confusion and fears that are present in our lives, there’s got to be some light after all…

I was never good with words. I find it very limiting to describe something, no matter what language you are speaking. That’s why I chose painting and sculpture to express my thoughts and feelings. In my opinion visual art is the international language that can appeal to anyone on a deeper level of understanding. Art is the search for the meaning”.

Glimmer will be showing from 28th of July to 9th of August, 2023

Private view: 28th of July, from 5pm