Kit Bula – The Big Massive Great Big Long

9th of June (5pm) till 10th of June (5pm)

Starting at 5pm, Kit Bula will drum unceasingly for 24 hours, not stopping even for the necessities of human life (e.g. the evacuation of the bowels, or preparation of food). This physically, psychologically and rhythmically dangerous feat of percussive ingenuity threatens to overturn contemporary conceptions of drumming.

Adam Bartlett – Beautiful And Lost

2nd of June – 18th of June (Free entry)

An exhibition of new works by Adam Bartlett. Adam works with a combination of acrylic, enamel, spray paint and emulsion on paper and board. He builds up layers of form and colour, contrasting graphic geometric design qualities against intricate illustration and abstract textures. Resulting in brightly coloured, tropical, joyful scenes.