Jess Hazell – ‘A Woman Between’

11/07/24 till 17/07/24

Experience the paintings by Jess Hazell that seek to connect us to the moments of stillness that reside between our prescribed roles as women. A body of work created for realignment and encouraging a mindful practice, the work by Jess Hazell is a response to the high-speed race of modern-day and hustle culture that grips our society and holds captive our ability to feel free and at peace.

Jess is an Australian oil painter living in Margate. She is a self-taught artist and has grounded her work in exploring the realms of womanhood. By illustrating the feminine experience through a colourful palette and emotive brushwork, Jess has created a body of work that seeks to awaken our inner power. Her work gives us permission to live authentically, unapologetically and with the much needed confidence we all continuously seek. Through this lens, we understand and appreciate the human need to retreat into a safe space. We recondition our thinking in a modern age that tells us to overwork and succumb to an impossibly high standard of beauty and productivity, to a perspective that allows rest, soul nurturing and realignment to a more authentic living style.

Private View: Friday 12th of July, 6 till 9pm